Not going back to carbon based energy

The rest of the world admits something is wrong with our climate and air.  Simple CO2 readings show increasing rising CO2 concentrations that are man made from burning of carbon based fuels.  We need to quickly move from carbon based sources of energy to clean and renewable.  The US needs to be the world leader in this market for both economic reasons and a leader for other nations to follow.oldoilwellandsun

While traveling recently in California, the I saw the past of huge oil energy production on Hwy 33 in the central valley and the future of energy in California with huge solar and wind farms creating affordable, clean solar and wind energy.

The contrast between the two energy approaches is there for folks to see and ponder.  One comes from many and many square miles of oil well with massive electric power poles and grids required to power the wells to extract oil from the ground that is a one time grab.  It takes a lot of energy to get that energy out!

Just 20 miles away you have farms of solar panels high enough off the ground to allow sheep to graze under them. They are silent and as long as the sun comes back day after day for the next 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 years,  that energy will be there.

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