Not going back to chemical farming

Trump has recently gutted the EPA and other agencies that have been created to put some oversight and accountability into our food system.  Consumers are often not involved or educated about the production of their food and just assume the farming practices used are safe for the farmer, consumer and the environment.

When we let business profits and corporation monopolies control our decision processes in the creation of the food that we eat and put into our bodies, we will to continue to have more unexplained health issues.

In much of the US, without little regulation from government, is demanding far healthier local, fresh and organic foods and willing to pay more those products.  We do not need to roll back the progress that the organic food movement has made in the past 30 years.

We need to better understand the importance of our soils as a way to create sustainable farming that is healthier for our farmers, our own bodies and our planet.



Defunding, and eliminating our organizations that monitor and research  best practices is not the direction we want to go.  Just as US was once convinced that the cigarettes were healthy since corporations wrote reports that told it was so, we can’t let business define the science around food and agriculture production convince us that chemicals and GMOs are the best approach for our future food  production.

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