On September 17, 2019 our elected President Of United States (POTUS) was in California and even in the town next to my residence for a political fundraiser.  It was sad to see that the only persons who were on the street to catch a glimpse of his motorcade did not consist of any supporters.  Every person on the street was there to protest the Presidents and his policies.  To make matters worst, an incredible show of armed police and security were located on the street to keep citizens from any interaction.  The President and his huge motorcade drove by at 60 mph on this smaller residential street completely blocked out by a wall of armed police and security.  Nobody was there to welcome, support, cheer or even wave to our elected president but instead everyone yelled various not so nice words and gave him the finger as he cruised by a incredible speeds.

Mr President also appeared to have no desired to interact with any of the US citizens that he is there to represent during his presidency.

In various conversations the spectators I had with the large police force that was there to make sure we stayed out the way, the police officers were told that if for any reason a person, dog or life were to get in the way of the motorcade vehicles, the POTUS vehicles were instructed to simply continue to drive and not worry about stopping from hitting someone.


How is it possible that a president can be so out of touch with a very large percentage, probably a majority, of the US citizens?






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