We are NOT GOING BACK to Coal!

The world and humans and the planet evolve, learn and adapt.  Globally we have learned more and more about the limited resources of our planet and in the interconnectness we all share as we use the those resources together.  We once heated our homes and ran our economies on wood.  We switched to coal.  We moved on to oil.  We have progressed in technologies like solar, wind and clean renewable energies that should make it obvious that we should not turn back.  We are NOT GOING BACK to dirty, toxic, and environmentally damaging energy technologies  like coal when new technologies here, available and cost competitive.  As a nation and humans, we need to reject the idea that we need to revert back to out dated technologies with directives from a leader who does not see the advantages that research, technology and experiences have taught us.

Not only are we NOT GOING BACK on energy choices, we are NOT GOING BACK on the progress we have made in the past century that provides respect, dignity and accountability to all citizens and countries of the world and the environment we live in.

Join me and others and write what you feel is important in NOT GOING BACK with the newly seated world order of Trump.  List  what each of us can each of do to make sure we don’t unwind time and knowledge we have gathered to build a better, cleaner, more peaceful future on planet earth!

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